Contemporary textile artist Nell Burns has a love of machine and hand embroidery. In Nell’s artwork she essentially draws & paints with thread, using the needle as a pencil, and the fabric as her canvas. Combining a variety of threads, fabrics and mediums to create works of two or three dimensional art. Nell has challenged herself to explore the use of basic straight and zig zag stitch to create cloth with stitch only…with some help from a water soluble fabric. Using this technique and exploring different stitch tensions, Nell can create 3 dimensional artwork using only thread. Whatever the technique or medium, the detail, design and texture in her artwork is always unique.

  • Gardenscapes


    Framed textile art. Fabric collage background, 3D free motion embroidery, creating textures inspired by English gardens.

  • Jewelry


    Wearable Jewelry made entirely from stitched thread, no fabric

  • Shoes


    Non wearable shoes designed and embroidered with free motion embroidery

  • Stitched Vessels & Bowls

    Stitched Vessels & Bowls

    3D vessels which are seamless and made entirely from stitched thread, no fabric.

  • Seascapes


    Framed Textile Art. 3D stitched thread, seashells, corals, jellyfish and barnacles embellish a free motion embroidered fabric collage background.