Painted Wonder Under

Pellon Wonder Under paper backed fusible web or Bondaweb (English term), works best as it is a much finer web than other brands.

Available to purchase online here

I found the key to the best effect is water. This makes the paper backing crinkle giving a more organic and natural effect.

I always do a very watery wash with fabric or acrylic paint over the wonder-under, I use a couple of shades of one colour or blend a couple of different colours together. Once its almost dry I dab blobs of metallic paint over the water wash. I use acrylic or fabric metallic paint. I then fold the wonder-under in half and smudge and rub with my hands to disperse the dabs of metallic.

I am not artistic, this is done in a very child like…throw/splash paint on paper way and the effects are always amazing. I then iron the wonder under onto a variety of fabrics. Ironed on velvet or felt gives a beautiful distressed effect it can also be ironed onto a plain silk or any other fabric which can then be embellished with embroidery.

Experiment and have fun!

Wonder Under (or Bondaweb) is of course great as a fusible web used to fuse hems, facings, applique, cut work etc!